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Michael Kendall, Kevin moss, Trevor Watkins, jayne cox, Clinton monnington, mustapha mehmet?

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Sadly, Clinton passed away in 1983

What happened?
How did you know Clinton lucinda?
Clinton was my cousin. He died in an RTA on his bike on his way home from his parents.

Hi Jim, I was in your class along with Michael Kendall, Paul Lofthouse (who also passed away early on in a motor bike accident, and Ricky or Ricardo, Dominic Jones, and many others. I think you lived in Cecil Park? I remember Kevin Moss, he lived above a coin shop at the clock tower next Robert Denyer. I think Clintons surname was Mollington and he lived directly behind the school. He came around to my place as we both loved train sets and we spend ages building up the track and eventually causing our trains to crash. Hope you're okay mate.

Clinton's surname was Monnington.  You are right he loved trains and was a train driver when he died in 1983.  He lived on Berkley Road number 50 with his mum, Dad (also a train driver) sister and our Nan.  Loved reading your memories Hugh. 

Thanks for putting me right Lucinda on Clintons name and am very sorry to read he passed away so young. I recall Clinton as being a bit of a rough diamond even in those days, a bit of a rogue some might say but I enjoyed playing around with him. We were all quite lucky kids to have been brought up where we lived, even then it was a lovely area and now I love going back to visit friends and family. Hope you're okay as well, Hugh    

Hi Hugh keep trying to reply to you but doesn’t seem to work, if you get this you can email me jimpurdy42@gmail.com

Hi Jim, got your reply, possible issues with my internet stopping you getting through. I've just picked you message up as I walk out the door but will be back home in an hour or so and will email you then. Hope you're okay mate. I seem to recall us meeting at college either at Bunhill Row or North Middlesex College where I went for a short period of time before starting work down town. Chat soon buddy.


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