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Archway one way system consultation results published

This consultation took place last year. The scheme seems to largely have been well received. In response to comments TfL are proposing some changes to the original scheme. I mention it because Crouch End will soon have a Neighbourhood Forum, which you can read about on OpinioN8 or on its own website.

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What will they be doing about the strange underpass under Archway Tower that no one knew how to access so it has just been crappy boarded up shops for decades?

Hmm - there seems to be no sensible way to get from St Johns Way to Highgate Hill in a car. It does all seemed to be based on mistaken view about what local journeys may be made by car.

I'm delighted that something is to be done at last. This has been one of London s black spots for generations. It is dirty, noisy, confusing for pedestrians and drivers, dangerous and ugly. I hope that locals get involved and the debate rises above where cars are to go.

I agree it is a miserable place mostly thanks to being a massive roundabout but I'm not sure assuming that everyone can cycle or walk everywhere is the right way to go. I rarely get the car out but sometimes it is just the easiest way to get 5 people from A to B. I'd rather do that on main roads than annoy residents by rat running on side streets. 


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