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Arch improvements, Archway 2021

The towers are marching onto Archway where at long last a sibling to the Archway Tower (sorry, Vantage Point TM) is planned. By Mr Peabody for the redevelopment of the old Holborn Infirmary/Archway wing bit of the Whittington hospital.

But it's okay, 'cause they're moving a library into the bottom. There's a lot of library moving about recently.

This image from the Archwegian twitterer (https://twitter.com/TheArchwegian/status/883680271907815424)

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Is it a question of trust? The Peabody trust puts the most vulnerable first. Thw Whittington NHS Trust will only, I'm sure, dispose of assets which are no longer required for the hospital or for nurses to live in. Dick trusts his cat and believes every word the bells are telling him.  


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