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The grim prospect of secure anti-suicide measures at Archway Bridge draws nearer. Obviously people will feel strongly about this, and I know people who have been affected by tragedies at the Bridge...  but the proposed fencing is pretty unpleasant. Prison-camp comparisons abound. Surely they could've come up with a better design?

At Haringey planning under HGY/2018/1463 

The Highgate Society are calling for refusal.

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THANKS for posting Mark.

Unfortunately, this does look like a prison camp perimeter fence.

Proposals for reducing the (relatively small) number of suicides from Archway Bridge have been dragging on for some eight years, as Councillor Bob Hare could attest. They have often foundered due to the crude ugly aesthetics and lack of engagement with local councillors and local amenity groups.

The cooks in this broth include TfL, English Heritage and two councils, as Archway bridge forms the border between Haringey and Islington. I understand the former is responsible for the carriageway and the latter for the bridge structure.

When there is either the prospect of—or an actual—suicide, the A1 is closed.

Engineers are amongst the creative people on earth, but here, imagination is wanting

There is no easy answer to this. Anything that is effective as a barrier is likely to harm the appearance of the Listed structure, while anything that doesn't harm the aesthetics is unlikely to be an effective deterrent.

While this matter continues to drag on, the authorities could implement some much less expensive methods to encourage would-be suicides to seek help, as the current facilities are inadequate.


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