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I walked by it the other night and it looked bustling, I wondered if anyone on here has tried it yet?

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That's the Sumak restaurant by the Ferme Park Road roundabout - what, thankfully, is no longer BG Max.

I walked past at about 8pm yesterday evening and it looked pretty busy with tables in the window empty but reserved (is that a marketing ploy to create an air of even greater popularity?) 

The place is huge - it'll need a lot of custom to keep going. It has taken an age to do it up, clearly the proprietors care a lot about it. I'd like to say I'm in two minds about the decor, but I'm not really. I will certainly try it soon, but tonight I have a 2for1 VIP special offer at Bistro Aix.

I have. The food is really good & there's a whirlwind of friendly, well-trained Turkish staff. Very much like the best Green Lanes experience. 

I was in there last night and it was excellent. Very busy too, especially for a Monday night. Turns out that it is run by a couple of guys from Best Kebab a few doors up. They even have one of my favourite beers there!

I look forward to trying it   it was busy when I picked up a menu where I found some of my favourite dishes   it will save me from the trek to Green Lanes

Here's their menu ...


Its so good!! I defo recommend. The staff were super friendly, the prices are reasonable and the food is so so good. Beautiful homebaked bread and humous appetisers too. I was a bit puzzled by the artwork when I was walking past while they were doing it up but when you sit inside you see the detail gone into it and I just think the murals are beautiful! I live just up the road from it and now all you can smell from 9am till midnight is the lovely whiff of BBQ from the kitchens, so nice!

I tried Heirloom last week and it was really good. Definitely worth a trip.

We went last Friday night. Quite busy but quick and attentive service. I have kleftiko which was very nice. A bottle of Turkish red wine was also very quaffable. Definitely going back

Following in the footsteps of our glorious Administrator, I am just back from sampling the £8.00 lunch special  with a mate. A starter form a choice of six, a main course ( fomr an even wider selection) and a soft drink. Lots of space to spread out, great service and excellent food.  

What's not to like, admire and recommend?

fish is also particularly good there    if you want to try dishes at home, don't forget the Saqi publication "Turkish Cookery"; it is full of recipes, articles and photographs by the best British and Turkish chefs and culinary writers; edited by me to raise money to help children whose parents were killed in the last earthquake


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