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Dear all,

I would like to meet & talk with someone connected to the publishing industry. I would love some insight on a number of subjects (as I was asked for by my editor) and there are a few aspects that my experience in UK does not cover. 

I'll be looking at this post and if someone has a bit of the afternoon for a coffee and a talk, it would be lovely.  


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I publish a lot on this website - does that count?

This is the website of a local publisher http://www.peirenepress.com/home

Thank you Adrian :) to publish here sure helps however I need some help regarding books. I would be happy to have a coffee anyway because I would like to know more about Crouch End :)

Regarding Peirene I met the owner I believe in a stand in front of Budgens. Can't really tell if she will be able to help and I'm running short of time :/

If coffee is up, email me ggcondeixa@gmail.com

Chris Meade would be someone worth talking to, I think.

His blog is here


Thank you David! I will have a look asap :)


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