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As the demolition of Kwik Fit and the construction of a block of flats moves closer (discussed here), MEB Motors (down the alley) seem to be the real losers - of their garage and their business. 

But at least they're having a go at fighting back. I received this note through the front door today...

I don't have a particular problem with the new flats, but I'm loathe to lose local independent businesses through no fault of their own. They had some support last time round.

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I'm a huge MEB supporter. Whenever the question comes up on a local Facebook site ' where should I take my car to  . . . . ?' I provide the link to either the blog or another OpinioN8 recommendation.

But the note through the door is not very helpful. It gives no clue as to the planning objections to shutting down MEB, or redeveloping. There might well be a Haringey policy which suggests that when a place of employment is redeveloped and equal number of jobs must be provided. So Kwik Fit and some retail achieves that.

If the community hadn't been so dilatory about writing a neighbourhood plan there might be a line in that about preserving like for like , or similar , jobs in a redevelopment, which might carry some weight.

There might be a number of reasons Kwik Fit survives. Its sheer size might make it an attractive tenant. More likely there is a term in the lease, or a clause in the landlord and tenant act which does not apply to MEB, but which gives Kwik Fit an edge. 

I'd cheerfully support MEB but they need to help us out with more of a prompt.

I'll probably find the note on my doormat when I get back from holiday on August 6th just after the consultation closes. Which possibly explains whythe developers have waited just so long before making the application.

The previous application went to appeal after |Haringey turned it down. The Inspector upheld Haringey's decision, and an extract from the ruling can be seen here.

The full list of complaints against the previous application can be found here.  Does anyone have the time to walk round and tell Gerard to approach these people with a bot more detail. Bearing in mind that that bit of road now has a soemwhat different character.

I can't find Haringey's decision notice on the previous application, which is odd, but Cllr Weber wrote a very good note to the planning inspector.  Unfortunately it can't be used word for word this time because of the different nature of the application, but a lot of it is a good basis for an objection. And of course we now have labour councillors working hand in glove with developers  and their apologists.

I have had an email from MEB. They are offering to pick up cars from Crouch End for existing customers. The contact details are

​Unit 2, Landmark Commercial Centre
21 Commercial Road
Edmonton, London 
N18 1UB
Tel: 020 8807 0668
E-mail: volante.uk@gmail.com

Hi Adrian  Thanks for posting information as to where MEB have moved to. They will be missed in Crouch End.   As a former Councillor I am well aware of how helpful they were to our local community.  Like so many Independent shops, garages etc, there is much that goes on in the local community that is above and beyond and it occurs on a regular basis.    The local community where they have moved to are very lucky and I wish them well in all their endeavours.   


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