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I'm sorry, that's an appalling pun but the site requires it!

The Friends of Stationer's Park have sought approval from the Parks department for me to hoist some small blackboard signs onto the railings, requesting that dog owners clear up their mess.

This is one of many prongs of my campaign to drive home the message that residents, shop owners and responsible dog owners will no longer stand by and let the unthinking few ruin our neighbourhood and compromise our children's health.

For the past couple of days I've been applying blackboard paint to the cut and sanded boards kindly donated by Thomerson's timber suppliers on Middle Lane, with the paint given to me by Bishops the ironmonger on Park Road. It has been no easy task as I'm more than a little cack-handed and have got more paint on me and my clothes than on the boards, but they look decent.

Last night was spent meticulously stencilling daisies onto the border using stencil tack and acrylic paints.  They don't bear up to close scrutiny but I think they look pleasantly rustic.  I decided against cupcakes - daisies will suit the park much better.  Today I shall paint in their yellow middles and green stems and hopefully be able to put the first board up later this afternoon.

The first message will read:

"Children play here. Please pick up after your pets and use the bins provided"

I've opted for a polite request as I'm generally* that sort of person.  A trip to Wood Green Cineworld once had me boiling.   Their message requesting you to turn your phone off, which was more of a terrifying tirade against the arrogant and shiftless youth, made me rather want to keep my phone on.  Just for the sheer rudeness of the request!


*Generally = most of the time, except in extremis when faced with crass stupidity and carelessness.  Then I'm a seething virago of a cupcake.

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