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GreenN8 lends its voice to the HDV debate. This circular recently received.


If you do not want 50% of
Haringey public assets
handed over to one
private developer,

Thursday, 2nd March, 2017 7.00 pm

On Thursday 2.3.2017 the Call-in, Overview and Scrutiny Committee will consider 2 call ins challenging Haringey Cabinet decision to proceed with a controversial Joint Venture Development Vehicles and their move to the next stage of selecting a preferred Developer.

The 2 call ins were submitted by both sides of the political spectrum of Haringey council - Both are highly concerned and asking Haringey Overview and Scrutiny Committee to defer this monumental decision and allow more time to consider the structure proposed, the risks attached, and perhaps not surprisingly address the issue of meaningful public consultation on a plan that will effect every person living in Haringey for the next 20 years. 

If you live in council housing, housing association, or renting a council owned commercial property  - this may effect you greatly - we would like to encourage everyone to look into it and learn how this plan may effect the security of your future. 

The Call In Document:

Reading those documents unravel details and facts that are inconceivable. This is a huge step into the unknown and one that should be considered carefully. 

It most definitely merit a whip free vote by Haringey full council!




#HDV – Political FreeFall

 #HDV - Political FreeFall

Why over 30% of local councils have created Development Vehicles? Why NONE have gone for a joint venture with a developer? Advice from two who tried and failed – Don’t do it! What does Haringey do? Jumps right in… Can Haringey go it alone?



#HDV news on LSCC London Stansted Cambridge Consortim

 #HDV news on LSCC London Stansted Cambridge ConsortimThe HDV will also own and manage the Council’s commercial property portfolio – a mixture of shops, offices, industrial estates and other buildings which the Council has historically maintained as a source of income. Cllr Kober says: “the Council has not done this job especially well in recent years”, and that the portfolio is not providing as much as income as it could, and could be working harder to support the kinds of business and job creation which the council wants to see.”


FT | 15.2.17 | Hazardous British Public Finance

 FT | 15.2.17 | Hazardous British Public Finance“While local authorities are furiously selling assets to plug gaps in their budgets resulting from central government funding cuts, they have simultaneously been accumulating property assets across the country. Such has been the buying spree that they are now a significant force in the commercial property market. This is largely thanks to cheap finance provided by an arm of the UK Treasury.”…



Joe Halewood 19.2.17| Councils to Become Private Landlords in Housi...

 Joe Halewood 19.2.17| Councils to Become Private Landlords in Housing White PaperTories force all councils to become private landlords in white paper – The ONLY new houses that councils will ever build from now on will be private rented properties at full private rent levels. Joe Halewood a Housing Welfare Consultant spells it out on his blog Speye 19.2.17 he writes “Imagine a yellow paged book called Housing Analysis for Dummies to see what the Tories housing white paper says and means: …



Independent | 18.2.2017 | Extended Right To Buy to Hit Affordable H...

 Independent | 18.2.2017 | Extended Right To Buy to Hit Affordable HousebuildingCouncils are working around restrictions to help ease the housing crisis by setting up private building companies at arms-length from the public sector, but still controlled by councillors. These firms can borrow on capital markets and build homes on behalf of local authorities to offer at below-market rents, as well as new homes for private sale or rent on the open market. More than a third of councils have set up these companies, with 36 local authorities creating such spin-out firms in the last year alone.



HDV in the news

Haringey Council under fire over plans to transfer 50% of it’s property portfolio to giant developer for free through the creation of a private company called ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ A 50:50 joint venture with one preferred developer, to bring about contentious regeneration programme which will see 1300 council homes, Wood Green Library, and council offices demolished to deliver 5,000 new homes for private sale or rent…


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