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Public consultation for the planning application runs until 10th February. The development is to be located on the Cross Lane site between Hornsey High Street, New River Village and the Smithfield Square development currently being built. The application proposal is for demolition of the existing low rise buildings and construction of two large blocks of 6 and 7 storeys located just a few metres from the adjacent neighbouring buildings and those currently being built as part of the Smithfield Square development, making this small corner of Hornsey extremely high density, increasingly so with each application put forward and pushed through.

Refer to the full planning application online at Haringey Planning website:


Planning reference: HGY/2016/0086.

Please note the following points:

  • Very high density of the proposed development and subsequent impact on the area. The proposal also far exceeds the upper range of the London Plan recommended density for the area (PTAL 3).
  • Increased pressure on an already strained and overcrowded public transport system, local traffic routes, infrastructure and amenities. Smithfield Square in construction on the opposite side of Cross Lane consists of around 440 apartments which will worsen the current conditions, the high density of the Cross Lane development will add to this.
  • Proximity, massing and heights of the development. The buildings are extremely close to the neighbouring buildings and are very tall.
  • Significant loss of daylight and sunlight to neighbouring buildings with substantial overshadowing
  • Loss of outlook and open views
  • Disturbance caused by construction works in such close proximity for years to come
  • Change in use of the site from light industrial/commercial to very high density residential
  • The Cross Lane development planning application forms Phase 1 of 3 phases of development. Phase 2 is Cross House immediately to the south and a third phase to follow south of this.

If you live in the area, please view the application and provide comments on the planning website in objection to the application in its current form before it is too late. Public consultation only runs until the 10th Feb, have your say and add your objections to those who have already logged theirs.

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The application has 50 comments - all objections. The objectors need to unite into a single body with a spokes person or two and make sure that the application is subject to the fullest possible scrutiny. There was a group called Hornsey Action Group (referred to in this post) which did something in respect of the Depot development. Make sure your councillors are involved.

Further objections should be still be added to the application page. The published deadline will not be rigorously enforced. 

Objections should be based in planning law - the points about density and overlooking are important, but it is not usually possible to buy a view. Months of construction work is just a fact of life once permission has been granted, it will not cause planning to be refused in and of itself, all you can hope to do is manage it to Considerate Contractor guidelines.

Make sure you get a Development Management Forum

The loss of employment spaces might be a very real issue. No use building dwellings if all the inhabitants can do is claim benefits.


With respect to privacy and overlooking you may be interested in this note about a change to the Local Plan

Somewhat belated news on this one, and apols if everyone else knows this -

The application was refused back at the end of 2016, however I missed the fact that the applicant took it to appeal. And, on November 30th 2017, successfully overturned Haringey's refusal and was granted permission. The plans for 69 flats and some commercial space is now back on.

One reason why this remains interesting is that the Refusal was largely because of the harmful impact of the development upon the surrounding Conservation Area. The Planning Inspector brushed this aside. So even on the few occasions Haringey stands up for heritage assets, someone else overrules...



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