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I have just heard a survivor of the Breivik shootings interviewed. He said (almost word for word as close as I can remember):

"The purpose of terrorism is to subvert the society it is aimed against, but It is often the self destructive responses of the society itself which are more damaging; the expensive , impractical security precautions and the restrictions of civil liberties. I am so glad that this has not been the reaction here in Norway. This has been a very simple legal process."

In the same circumstances one can picture UK politicians' knees jerking. I almost wish I were Norwegian.

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I am Norwegian, and I am incredibly proud of how my country has handled this. It's been very dignified and it's certainly had the complete opposite effect of what this person hoped for; A country standing united against his views.

I am also glad he is deemed sane. That means he will not appeal, and the whole media circus will come to and end. And endless mentions of his name with it. He needs to be forgotten about, and not mentioned again. We will always remember his victims, we should aim to forget him and the evil he inflicted on innocent Norwegians.


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