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. . . and for goodness sake what to do about voting for an MEP

The ballot paper I have for Thursday's MEP election has 17 political parties named on it! All but two of them have named 8 candidates, 1 has named 1 and another 6. That's 143 candidates, if my mental arithmetic still works after all these years of using calculators.

I have no idea how to go about choosing between them. The BBC has provided a potentially useful list of all the parties putting upcandidates for MEP. I say potentially, because I am not going to follow all the links to all the websites in an attempt to understand what each of these parties is doing. So once again, as for the local candidates, I need a few broad brush indicators to guide me. 

I'm pretty sure I'm happy to rule out anything with animals or religion in the name, or anything that calls itself Nationalist. The Greens are still too wishy washy for my taste, and candidates don't deserve to get elected simply because they are European.

The Lib Dems are Europhile, but I'm not, and their assertion that leaving the EU would cost 3m jobs is massively overblown and a misinterpretation of what the research says. Harmony is too vague a concept in largely disharmonious world. The Labour party has is hangover of warmongering, imprudence and profligacy to rule it out completely. A National Health Party surely should not be standing in a supra-national election.

Which leaves me with the not quite so Europhile parties. UKIP - is definitely cracking under the pressure of actually answering questions, and it has its fruitcakes. An Independence from Europe has cunningly used the indefinite article to get near the top of the list, but a splinter from UKIP in order to move to the left does not appeal to me. 

I think that leaves em with the Conservatives.

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