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I went to a meeting at Hornsey Town Hall yesterday evening and several things struck me about it:

1) attendance was very carefully controlled - there was a list of names at the door and by and large only these people were allowed in (a public meeting will follow in 2 weeks) and exactly the right number of chairs had been put out
2) there was a surprisingly heavy weight turn out of cabinet members including both Alan Strickland (housing and regeneration) and Claire Kober (leader) - Haringey seem to be taking this seriously
3) the conduct of the meeting rested in the hands of GVA, a consultancy - one of the presenters was an Associate Director - I don't know what remuneration package they have agreed with Haringey but surely this can't be a cost effective way to present some power point slides
4) the conduct of the project seems to be in the hands of GVA
5) if GVA conduct the project as badly as they began this meeting (I had to leave after 35 minutes) then it will be a bad project - I went hoping to be briefed on exciting revelations for the future of Hornsey Town Hall, but instead was treated to a tedious recital of what has already happened, and a series of monologues from a local activist. Our presenters gave up control of the meeting within about three minutes when some one asked "how are you going to conduct the meeting?" From that point on it was anarchy.
For the rest I have to rely on the Haringey / Hornsey Town Hall options paper.
It seems Haringey are determined this time to do something decisive about Hornsey Town Hall.
From the options paper it seems that only two options remain
Option 4 - Council maximise residential development for sale and rental and operate the building
Option 5 – Dispose of the Site
These aren't really very different. Step 1 in Option 4 is 
Clarification of Council objectives – Prioritisation of financial reward (capital vs. revenue) vs. community use 
while Option 5 is very clear where that priority lies.
As far as step 1 in Option 5 goes
Development of community use / access requirements
I guess these could be satisfied if you could eat your Pizza Express in the council chamber or your Nando's in the downstairs bar or collect your sub from Subway in the foyer.

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