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An open letter to the "leaders" of our council at this time of crisis

 Dear Councillors Ejiofor, Hearn, Chandwani and Bull

I have looked at your bid to TfL for monies to do works in Crouch End. It has no merit.

  • The timetable proposed is hopelessly too slow

  • The works proposed are even now irrelevant and harmful to the Town Centre

  • The details you have made available to us poor mushrooms are inadequate and unclear

  • The costs seem outrageous

  • You have taken the name of the Liveable Crouch End project in vain

I know little of the internal affairs of your party so I have no idea if one of you takes particular responsibility or if all of you collectively are to blame. Whatever, you should do the decent thing and let someone who has a glimmer of leadership, insight, foresight and gumption take over this job.

I shall be moving to Hackney tomorrow. Good bye and good riddance.

To expand a little on my major headings.


You propose works begin in September. We are in a crisis. Gyms are shut, hairdressers possibly about to open, some shops, cafes and pubs struggling to get by on takeaways. The crisis is now. Goodness only knows what the situation will be in September. The two metre rule underlying your bid has already been revised. Get your thumbs out from wherever you’ve stuck them and do something now. This work should have started yesterday.

Irrelevant and harmful

It is very hard to understand from the appalling documents released in your names just exactly what you propose, but you can’t have wide pavements and bike lanes on narrow streets around busy junctions and bus stops. Something has got to give. You will surely have to remove huge amounts of parking which will anger the traders. You will have to merge cycle lanes and pedestrian footways which will anger the both groups, and you know just how angry the cyclists get. Anyone with a CPZ permit will be furious. It is as though you want to make everyone angry.

Relevant and beneficial would include creating outdoor business space for cafes, pubs and shops. If Vilnius, Rotterdam, Soho and Hackney and countless others can do it, why can’t you. I refer you to excellent proposals put out by the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum in the form of a blog. Ideas like these have been discussed for months and yet you just ignore them.  https://www.crouchendforum.org.uk/haringey-wake-up-and-smell-the-cafe/

Inadequate and unclear

The maps you have published simply have black lines for roads with red and orange lines for street widening and cycle routes. I have no idea of the detail you are proposing. This looks like a bid carefully designed to fail.

Outrageous Costs

The 19 retrospective bids for street widening average out at £8,100. The new bid for Crouch End street widening comes in at over £660,000. There must be something you have not told me to explain this extraordinary discrepancy.

Taking names in vain

You say that the bid is “Building on the design and engagement work undertaken as part of the Liveable Crouch End scheme . . . “ It builds on this work about as much as it builds on my left testicle. The Liveable Crouch End project was a shambles from start to finish. It was created in secret by officers of the council, claimed as a triumph by the Labour councillors of the day when announced, and then poorly supervised by a weak and ineffectual project board. No design was ever agreed. The quality of engagement was a perpetual source of annoyance to very many in the area. This reference is clearly just a sop to TfL to try and persuade them the Liveable Crouch End money has not been spent to no effect.

Have I made myself clear?

Once again, Goodbye and Good Riddance.

Yours very sincerely

Outraged , formerly of Crouch End

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