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An old favourite raises its head - Controlled Parking Zones

The exchange below has just popped up on Facebook. It's quite a while since I heard this sort of complaint, and my sympathy for the proposal to extend CPZ hours is very limited. Have you ever tried to visit Wood Green in the evening?
But I think there are a number of solutions that could be explored, especially for someone who lives 'so close to the Broadway':
  1. walk to the shops and back (my own personal favourite)
  2. take a bus‎ (sit upstairs at the front and enjoy the first floor flat decorations)
  3. sell the car and use the savings to take taxis or join a car club (I've come very close to doing this a couple of times, but I like to have my own car sitting waiting)
  4. buy a motor bike
Whatever you do don't go to your local councillors
Vanessa DuQuesnay to The Real Crouch End Appreciation Society
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Hi all, I live in crouch end parking zone A. It's an absolute nightmare to park as we live so close to the Broadway. We only have 2 hours Monday to Friday to park on our street. The rest of the time I cannot find a parking space & end up circling around for ages and parking so far from my flat. Its super frustrating when I have shopping etc. Would anyone be interesting in increasing the hours for residents only parking? And maybe introduce a couple hours on the weekends. I realise in order to keep the local shops open we need to allow for parking, however, I don't feel like, as residents I feel we could use a few more hours. Let me know what you all think.

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Some interesting misconceptions cropping up in the Facebook thread:

  • that CPZ is designed to reserve parking places for residents - it's not, it is  to prevent long term parking by non-residents, for example commuters who drive in to a cheap tube station, or a convenient overground station, or car mechanics parking cars they have fixed for days at a time
  • that buying an expensive house somehow entitles you to a piece of road outside

Now none of the first set of reasons applies to Crouch End - no non-residents drive into CE simply to park, any one who does drive in  has a reason, for example to run a barber's shop, to sell meat or write exaggerated prose about the expensive houses. So the excuse for any CPZ at all is pretty thin, and derives almost entirely from the knock on effects of surrounding areas which actually do need them.

Actually your first point isn't true. Before CEA started those of us who were on the border of the Islington CPZ were plagued by people who could no longer park in Stroud Green before they walked or took the bus to Finsbury Park. I still see people doing exactly that after 12 o'clock. There were also all the 2nd cars of people in the other CPZs and their camper cans etc. The lengths people will go to to avoid paying for parking are extraordinary.


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