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An old favourite back in Crouch End - a book shop

Less than a day after I publish my confessions to indiscriminate book reading, the market responds. House of Books will be opening again in early August in the unit fo.... It's not often I get service so promptly. House of Books was once on the corner site where the Waitrose tills now are. It will be in what for a very short time was Cook, just opposite Budgen's the Co-Op.

This makes Crouch End pretty well supplied with sources of books.

My favourites remain the charity shops. Sometimes over stocked with reading matter they will mark everything down to 25p or 50p which is a good time for me to stock up. Pickled Pepper seems to be getting along pretty well , and of course Oxfam Books and Music with the backing of a multi-million pound business produces nicely themed window displays.

Which makes Crouch End/ N8 something of a destination if you want to buy books.

Or retro clothes Scarlet Rage, Change of Heart, MishkaPainted Black

Or antiques Floral Hall, Solomon Retro, Junk N8 disorderlyOf Special InterestLittle Paris

Or vinyl records Flashback , Audio Gold

Or artisan bread - well maybe this list is getting a bit long, but you see what I mean.

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At last, a shop I might frequent through choice. Unalloyed good news.

Mind you, the secondhand LP provision is almost second to none - Flashback, Audio Gold, Oxfam, and don't forget the Little Record Shop. Better than Camden Town.

Maybe we are the new Camden Town. Let's let our freak flags fly. Bring back the Terrapin Truckin' boys, and the Harum place too...

*Background from one of Rebecca Wright's lovely drawings, browse here


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