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An annual Crouch End Festival secured for the next 130 years

At least that's what I'm reading into the following tweet from the Far East Consortium


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 . . . . . and I'm planning to live for ever. So far, so good!

FEC have published what they call a 'Hornsey Town Hall project update'. Whilst it contains all the correct adjectives - sustainable, creative, future-proofed (more than once) , world class - it seems a little light on any actual update.

Time and Space Co (well, actually Piers Read personally) has pledged to "to protect, harness and grow the cluster of creative businesses based onsite, ensuring existing businesses and freelancers can be accommodated within the new Hornsey Town Hall development" in a tweet, though perhaps his hand was forced by the FEC 'project update'.

One of the businesses he is sworn to protect has apparently not found it all plain sailing CaraHobday tweets "Piers - can you DM me your email address please so that we can accept staying on in HTH? I keep getting a bounce back. Thanks!" but maybe that's sorted out now.

Apart from that Piers twitter account seems largely to rely on past glories, in most cases, other people's.

And the Ply Gallery was bounced for a time because a film company, not one of the locals, offered more money "Due to filming the gallery is unexpectedly closed today but open again as usual from 10am tomorrow"

To be fair, the film shoot was authorised by the current operators, ANA, rather than Time & Space. But we'll see how things go pretty soon - the handover to the new operator is due in 17 days time.


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