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I recently threw in a comment to a discussion, about a survey to which only  11 respondents had given answers. This despite the original going to 38 highly motivated civic dignitaries, each of whom forwarded it to dozens(?) of others. All of this and more is documented here and here by Hugh on Harringay Online. 

Now the survey itself is available here  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GR6FFN9 

Hugh has been very thorough and has attempted to understand the motives behind the survey. Keep an eye on his discussions for more on this.

I am just dismayed by the lack of gumption that has gone into.it.

It starts with two questions about staff, their knowledge and courtesy. I was born near here in 1950 and have been going to AP on and off  ever since. As far as I know I have never spoken to a member of the grounds maintenance staff, except maybe to hire kit for the pitch and putt. Not applicable is not an option in the answers.

The next 8 questions all start "How do you rate the quality of ..." . There is a tendency to catatonia after 2 or 3 of these. Especially when "Are the dog poo bins emptied often enough and left clean and in good condition?" would be a much better question, and "Not applicable/don't know" were allowed as an answer.

Question 12 confuses "ie" (sic) with "e.g." and throws in a rather half hearted "etc." for good measure.


Question 16 reads

16. What areas of our work generate the most enquiries from the community that you represent?

which actually leads me to think that perhaps they were only expecting 38 answers at most, so 11 is quite a good hit rate.


So I won't be completing the survey,



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