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This article from the trade paper Shopping Centre suggests that Aldi will be opening in Wood Green.

This Facebook circumnavigation of associated issues suggests that Aldi will be installed in place of the Market Traders in the Market Hall - in the interests of "significant demand for a convenience foodstore in Wood Green" and "a diverse retail offer".

For myself I like shopping in a market, which is often both convenient and diverse,  rather than a supermarket. Though Marrakesh is a bit of a hike


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Do Aldi know that it is the avowed intention of Haringey to work for the demolition of the entire Mall site? (Yeah well, whadda I care, I imagine they'll survive).

Maybe the question for N8'ers is whether the cheap smoked sausage is worth the extra walk from the new Sainsburys superstore on Hornsey High Street.

I'm not sure all the details have been worked out yet for the demolition timetable. Perhaps by the time they are Aldi will have turned a profit, even in Wood Green. 

More detail on the Aldi proposal, which apart from some details on a car park, and some security lights, looks like a done deal.


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