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There is a current planning application to add a storey above the Devonshire House (Wetherspoon's) and the rest of the terrace - 

Ths application to add a storey above Waitrose has now been withdrawn, but probably for tactical reasons - it may soon be back

The YMCA is obviously slightly too tall, and the rejected plans for the Kwik Fit site were too, and the lapsed plans for the car wash site were adjusted downwards but also pretty tall. High Rise Crouch End?

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For me, the major problem with this proposal to extend the building above Wetherspoons upwards is not so much the height of Crouch End but the sheer ugliness of what is being proposed. Whereas the current roof line is beautifully gracious and characterful, in a way the Victorians understood but modern architects seem completely unable or unwilling to emulate.  It's a design born of raw greed to make money, sacrificing all respect for retaining an aesthetic, uplifting built environment which makes Crouch End a nice place to live. Why can't these architects suggest an addition which adds to the beauty rather than destroys it? is that so impossible?


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