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The Hornsey Housing Trust (HHT) owns a building on Weston Park called Abyssinia Court. A long time ago trees were planted in the small space between the building and the footpath. Several of these trees are now huge, and , according to a letter sent out by HHT, causing damage to the boundary wall, and will soon cause damage to the fabric of the building. HHT planned to remove and to replace the trees. 

Of course, a local movement has sprung up to prevent this important maintenance work. These trees are not in a conservation area and so their removal needs no special permission for that reason. I suspect that until yesterday they were not the subject of tree preservation orders (TPO).  

I applaud HHT's decision to remove these overgrown trees, which prevent light reaching the dwellings in the building, and no doubt fill the gutters with leaves each autumn, and to replace them with something more suitable, perhaps something which flowers in the winter?

Woodman, fell those trees.

My picture is taken from Google Street view because the trees are bare of leaves now.

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There is a piece on HoL about giving trees space which is what the Abyssinia Court tress lack, which is why they are too tall and do not spread enough in the canopy. The NY bioswales need a bit of space and I'm not sure our crowded city provides that, but there are ways of better replacing trees in the street with a technique called Structural Soil (basically something to grow in with a cage to take the weight above so it is not compressed) which, if the Wikipedia article is correct seems to be cheaper than topsoil. The cunning use of rock fragments to distribute the weight is so clever (if it really works) I'd love to see it implemented.


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