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Hugh Flouch, who lives in Harringay but can often be seen shopping in Crouch End, has written up the history of Harringay in a variety of different forms, but this particular version, produced in something called Dipity, combines visuals, text and internet trickery to make a particularly appealing presentation. This is a skill OpinioN8 will learn. I like the flipbook version which focusses on one fact at a time. Click on "View in Dipity" to see Hugh's original.


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Thanks Adrian. (That's Foursqaure giving me away again! And yes Dunn's, Waitrose, Wow!, Coffee Circus and.........I was going to say they're my one weakness, bu the list was getting too long! [Not to mention the very decent £5 lunch I had at your local yesterday (The Queens - incidentally built by the same guy who built the Salisbury).]

It would be great to see you guys build up a Crouch End version. I'd love to see good online histories for Crouch End and Hornsey (And, yes I say histories because I think the two areas should be separtely). If any of the photos I have can be used, please feel free to use them. Some are published on Harringay Online. Others aren't. Just let me know what you need,

The reason I got started with a Harringay history is because a few years back there was nothing. Harringay's history was written as a few lines a the end of a Hornsey or Tottenham history. I tell that tale in short publication which I've attached here.



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