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Over the years I suppose I have always been an artist. In thought,word and deed. I saw my father paint a face with oils one evening. The next day it had dissappeard of the canvas. I asked him where it had gone? He replied it scared him so he had changed it. We always went to the museums The Tate the National These were the main galleries. Also the louver,and the artists round the pigale district of paris. In those days these were my formative years. I was an adolesant.Even Whitestone pond like the Pigale of Paris had artists all the way down its winding road to Hampstead station. I went to school in Hampstead,and my dads shop was on the corner of roslynn hill and downshire road. He was an entrepunier and business man. He would sell paintings, and I couldn’t understand how or where they came from. The canvasses were stacked high. I know now that they were imported through Wholesale and retail Which he ran his business in order to provide for his family. He started in 1959. It was a long time ago He also in the swinging sixties sponsored a band, and tried to promote them. He also wrote childrens stories. He approached the BBC but nothing. He admired William turner, and made many attempts to copy his manner of sea scape.
My middle sister also studied at what used to be Hornsey art college, and finished her degree at Walthamstow college. She is a year older than me.

My name Is David gee I was born in April 1952. I had a private education because of having difficulties at school. I had a problem club foot when I was was born i had to have it corrected. My mother and father wanted the best for me,like any good parent. I spent my primary years at what was shepherd’s hill school school in Highgate,and Fitz johns in Hampstead. I spent 4 years at aylesford house boarding school which was situated in a little village called sandrigebury just outside of St Albans I went to what was friern Barnet grammer school. I left to get a job. At seventeen I went to kingsway college gower street. For 0 levels. I have also supported myself with many jobs. Some menial some rewarding just rather than doing nothing. Life styles are complicated, and most people have their own preoccupations. So what I have to say concerns only myself. If anyone is interested in my work,it is an added bonus ??
I have an level in art,and craft, an a level in printmaking and diploma in fine and applied art from Sir john cass. I have studied from the model there. And also local evening class in crouch end and waterlow park Highgate for quite a few years. I suppose you could say my taste is bohemian in style I also love music, and play guitar and harmonica The blues rock and folk pop. My first vinyl was Sgt peppers It was the flower power era!!.Tune in turn on and drop out. The radio would say good morning Vietnam I was in my late teens. I have suffered mental health problems from those days,but re evolved. myself My paintings were,and still are an escape!! Art theraphy,and an expression or reinterpretation of other images the people,and things around me. To see how focused I am To Maintain my sanity,and also wonderd at some points in my life whether I was seeing the world the same as everybody else. Discussing what you have created can be quite challenging?? I wished to paint aesthetically with meaning to go to the bottom of my heart,searching the depth of my soul with any art medium I could lay my hands on In the early days. A lot of early work has gone astray given or lost. There is no chronology in my work,and it is not a package or been commercialized as yet . Things are different know!! I try to be a warm,and friendly person that enjoys giving,rather than taking from people. This has caused problems in the past,because some characters will take advantage of you if they can. You can sometimes be vulnerable in specially in the cities. I only seek the truth in life,and am honest reliable and genuine. It is the system that lets us down!!! Painting is what I choose to do,as it gives me freedom, time and space. An Artistic licence. It although isn’t an easy option and a cut throat business. You have to work hard all your life. For me art is commitment, and dedication. A bit like a nurse or vet it is done not for money but love??? Painting is not a shop,or a trade,but creation of life depth of color,and form . One is preoccupied with his medium,and has to make something out of nothing.

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