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Deborah Ross has written this "funny" on making an authentic Crouch End.  It's just annoying actually. I've NEVER heard WG referred to as Hood Green. I shop there regularly and think it has a lot to offer.  The cinemas are in great condition and I've never had to sit on a graffitti scrawled seat.

Crouch End mums are much more obsessed with getting their kids into a decent state primary than private schools. And then it's all about about Highgate Wood. But hoo, hoo, let's make out that Crouch End is full of pretentious middle class idiots.  It's precisely because it's not like that, that I love it. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/deborah-ross-how-...

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I was slightly kinder to the article than you have been, Cupcake. Its not often that happens. 

Lots of people on Twitter have found the article amusing. 

I agree with you about the cinemas. Some afternoon showings I've been to its like having your own huge private air conditioned film showing facility - quite like being Richard Branson - and waiting just outside is a big red chauffeur driven Daimler waiting to take me by the scenic route across the heights of Alexandra Park - really quite satisfactory.

You are right - I should have been harsher on this Ross woman. The correct response to the troubles in Wood Green is not to invent imaginary ills, it should be to correct the real ones.

Oh, I missed that you'd posted it, sorry.

It actually really annoyed me because it's not a new observation is it? Do a piece on Crouch End, mention Bugaboos, yummy mummies and the proliferation of coffee shops and imply that the inhabitants are afraid of anywhere outside N8. It's just balls. In my opinion!


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