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A new start for the 91 bus route? @crouchendforum @HaringeyCyclist @haringeycouncil @luke_harrison

There is some evidence to suggest that the piece of work in the diagram is about to start. The effect of this is to make the stretch of road outside Patel's and the Palace cafe more bus and pedestrian friendly, and slightly less car friendly. I think cyclists will also be unhappy.

Now I could be wrong about the roadworks. Certainly the gentleman who'd been sent to do them had no idea what he was supposed to be doing, but the thought it had something to do with the bus stop.

I've checked the interactive road works map and no works are planned. And yet Loughlins are on site parked just around the corner on Ferme Park Road with enough space set aside for a lot of materials.

So, I have a number of questions:

1) why did I not know about this? I do keep an eye out on social media and so on and I get the LibDems newsletters, but have heard no news of works actually starting

2) Should such a scheme be undertaken with the Liveable Crouch End in the offing? Surely a coherent approach would be advisable

3) Will the traffic disruption be as bad as when Open Reach put n wifi for the new flats? One can only fear so.

4) what effect will a bus parking in the middle of the road have on traffic flow? Hardly likely to be beneficial, though perhaps that doesn't matter if we are all moving to walking and cycling.

5) Will this set of changes not make things more difficult for cyclists? In order to get round the parked bus, picking u and setting down, the cyclist will have to negotiate the traffic from behind and cross over towards the wrong side of the road. 

Or maybe I'm making a fuss about nothing and something quite else is happening today.

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At 9 o'clock the Loughlin chaps are still waiting to be told what to do

Not a moment too soon.


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