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A hobby horse - probably not one of Haringey's preferred Covid responses

I've mentioned this twice already now so I'm definitely banging on a bit, but I like the narrowed carriageways, widened pavements, and restricted traffic flows that come about with alternate one-way traffic flows.

Previous instances of this springing up spontaneously include the provision of a water supply to Little Mercies and some sort of utility work outside Beam. On both occasions the result was a smooth steady stream of traffic managed by traffic lights and driver expectations. In particular the head to head bus confrontations were entirely removed. And as far as I know no-one kicked up a fuss.

The situation has arisen again, this time in Stroud Green Road, Islington. Given that there is still a lockdown level of traffic direct comparisons can't be made. But just look at the picture below.

Imagine all the hatched red area given over to street trading as in Rotterdam, which is allowing traders unlicensed widened pavement trading, or Vilnius, which has simply pedestrianised the city centre.

Topsfield Parade is close to perfect for this treatment. The widened pavement outside the Post Office will no longer be needed when distancing is reduced to 1 metre (even that is barely necessary for transitory passing the street) and the rate of infection falls further.

Let's ask for this in Crouch End.

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Further necessities -

1. To do it now, rather than waiting for, say, 3 months.

2. To design the interventions around the needs of pavement trading - what space is necessary, where does it go, etc. If all we get are 1 metre wide lanes in the gutter (as outside the post office) there won't be much room to do any trading.

Equally, if they separate off the extensions with impregnable lines of traffic cones/fencing, then a lot of pedestrian movement will be lost (ie. to cross the road). Oh, and it will look terrible, hardly conducive to a continental tableau.

I wonder what Haringey will manage.

I've put a suggestion on the map which Cllr Seema has liked on twitter. Close to an endorsement.

STROUD GREEN Road was once memorably described at a Christmas time by a former Haringey Councillor as the road that Santa forgot.

It's whole carriageway width lies within the Borough of Islington. Here is an official reply to a recent Member's Enquiry to Haringey Council about responsibilities for it:

  1. Both sides of the highway are completely managed by Islington Council  - see attached Boundary Agreement [2001].  This includes: pavements, lights, water, electricity supply, road markings, road and pavement surfaces.
  2. Haringey/Veolia are responsible for street cleansing, litter bin maintenance and servicing of Haringey side only.  This can be seen on the attached map and is on the right hand side of the centre line (in red) of the carriageway. Currently this is scheduled to be serviced twice daily 7 days a week.
  3. Haringey are responsible for the enforcement of the shops on the Haringey side only as above.

Haringey Highways tend to favour full fast flow of cars in as many areas as possible,

However a narrowing, as described above, could be achieved by Islington, as it falls within their purview. Islington tend to be more be more go-ahead and results orientated.


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