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The People's Palace website is proposing a global vision from AP.

They say (amongst other things)

Our vision is of a ‘University of the streets’. Connecting inspirational groups and individuals everywhere into a mutually supportive network with a shared ethos. Featuring an online platform to identify and celebrate people driven projects all over the world incorporating truley open information sharing.


Their recent email

Community magnets: Unlibrary, Vintage Barboot, North Palace Radio

quotes from the once popular song "Don't Fence Me In" the words "I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences and gaze at the moon till I lose my senses. . . "



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  • Since 1980, the Trustee of our Charity has been the London Borough of Haringey.
  • Vision, "global" or otherwise, is what has been lacking.
  • People outside the local council have been proposing imaginative solutions for 30 years.
  • The only vision the council has is selling our charity's principal asset to a property developer. For 15 years, they wanted a "holistic" sale (i.e. lock stock & barrel), now they're working on a sale of "up to two-thirds"
  • Without a change in governance, or at least meaningful governance reform, no "visions" have a chance of succeeding.
  • See, Securing the Future for a potted history of the last 30 wasted years.

The problem, then is very clearly defined. http://thepeoplespalace.org.uk/vision2.html is not really a solution to AP's problems, its much more ambitious than that. 

What, though is the solution? What can the good citizens of Haringey do to support the efforts of the small group of activists who have been keeping an eye on this?

Would getting Trigger elected to the management board be a forward step?

Adrian I don't really follow. How is it possible to be more ambitious than having a solution to AP's problems, (let alone, much more), without meaningful governance reform? The council have had total control for 30 years.

The current Trustee lurches from one disaster to the next. They suffer from poor advice. Occasionally they claim openness, but a good proportion of their meetings are Exempt, Special or Emergency. There is no vision, plus a trenchant determination not to learn lessons from previous disasters.

Our Charity's Trust Board is a political instrument and the proof is that the Majority Group always has a majority of voting Board members. It is not unusual for major decisions of our charity to be split-voted along party-political lines.

It would help to get politics out of our charity.


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