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I went to Boom Tish last Thursday.

Overall I can say I enjoyed it, and the £10 entrance not bad value. There were 5 acts. 3 were good,1 was ok.  and there was another one, so on balance the entertainment was satisfactory. 

I think though the venue could benefit from a few small improvements. Cans of London Pride are not disastrous but proper draught beer would be better.

There was some actor chap off the telly billed as an attraction, but all he did was to sell raffle tickets, no hint of an act at all.

But far and away the least attractive aspect are the two sets of doors at the entrance, one set designed to prevent any view of the inside, guarded by a bouncer. Rather than giving me a sense of security it just unwelcomes me and makes me wonder if there is not something seedy and untoward going on, as in a betting shop. Surely for an event like this the way in could be made attractive and welcoming.

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