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Ivan O'Pinion and Crouch End Cupcake had a splendid morning out in the real world on Friday last (1st July). It was splendid in many ways.

It having been some weeks since a real world chat between us, there was the chance to swap confidences of the type that really shouldn't go in emails (ask that woman with the stepmother-in-law).

It took place in Budgen's (CE) new community hub area, in the very centre of the store, an area which is now furnished with furniture made of real tree wood, all cut from a single tree and made by craftsmen. We are grateful for the use of the space.

We came to understand even more how Budgen's is differentiating itself (in good ways) from other supermarkets. Food from the Sky is well documented, the Stall4All is running outside the store, the chiller cabinets have state of the art doors to keep the cold in and the store has a real butcher on site, are just some of the changes already made. There is a plan to have a poet laureate on this page. And we heard talk of art classes and a wine club taking place actually in the store (hope that wasn't confidential).

It is a while since I've stood on a stall, but I do remember the look of fear in people's eyes as they begin to suspect that you may be trying to extort either their time or their money from them. We certainly did not want their money, but we need to up our game slightly to get just the few seconds we need to hand out a card with the web address on it. Just a badge and a poster with the name on it is not enough, and we're thinking that perhaps some newsagent style placards with headline discussions might be more attractive. Constructive suggestions would be welcome.

We also met a number of old acquaintances - maybe some of them will renew their relationship with the site.

One very silly omission was not to take our own photograph, to illustrate this page.

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Thanks for the pic Anke. Daisy also made a useful contribution, although we were grateful when you whisked her her away for a little walk after she'd eaten all her biscuits!


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