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#An LBH Cabinet resignation this morning: the letter and the response …

THE Ham and High reports online this morning’s resignation of Haringey Cabinet Member Councillor Peray Ahmet.

Councillor resigns from Haringey Council’s cabinet
slamming HDV and leader Claire Kober’s leadership

Here is Cllr. Ahmet’s letter to Cllr. Kober:

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AND here is the response of the Leader, Cllr. Kober:

IN her closing remarks in response to the Cabinet resignation just four months before the local elections, the Leader of the Council emphasises the significance of her Party's 2014 Manifesto:

It is by working together that we have achieved
almost all of the commitments in our 2014 manifesto …

I attach a copy of Labour's glossy 2014 Manifesto. There is much that could be said about the claims, including their vagueness, but for now I select just three points to highlight:

  1. The promise to create a Lettings Agency  —p.12
  2. The pledge to build 250 council homes  —p.5, #5
  3. The absence of any hint of the HDV

  1. This pledge was honoured. It was a disaster. It closed after Letting just 2 (two)—or arguably three—homes and cost taxpayers £482,000 
  2. Fewer than a tenth of this number were built. Possibly a twentieth. On one occasion and under intense questioning, the Cabinet Member for Housing eventually answered that "we will struggle to meet that number [250]"
  3. The HDV is notable for it's absence. The HDV is by far the biggest, most risky and most complicated proposal that the New Labour-run council has attempted. The £2,000,000,000 gamble has proved widely controversial and a judge is currently considering it's lawfulness. I invite anyone to examine the attached Manifesto and see if they can find any reference to this strategic proposal that has never been approved by Full Council.


     Fewer than a tenth of this number were built. Possibly a twentieth.

The figure—recently supplied to me by Mr Paul Burnham of Haringey Defend Council Housing is 15 (fifteen):

A number that is 6% (six per cent) of the number (250) pledged in Labour's 2014 Manifesto.


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