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Our local LibDem PPC *(whatever that is) Dawn Barnes has used the LibDems local email list to raise a supranational issue, so I feel justified in passing a few comments.

There is no doubt that the prorogation of Parliament is timed to have a particular effect on the Brexit debate, over and above its perfectly proper purpose of enabling new legislation to be brought forward. It also has the effect of prompting a vote of no-confidence in the government - something the opposition still holds back from. The debate on the Queen's speech will be precisely that.

So the prorogation is somewhat controversial. But it seems to me to have some justification. In a Parliament with an unconstitutionally partial Speaker working to enable unprecedented parliamentary procedures designed to tie the government's hands behind its back, and then to kick it in the shins, as it sets off to negotiate with the EU , something slightly unorthodox is called for. 

And of course, what this letter adds to is a furore about completely the wrong issue. There should be no debate about the rights and wrongs of parliamentary processes, no expensive time consuming court cases about medieval precedent, what should be on or off any tables. Our concentration should be on getting the best possible arrangements for our future dealings with the EU as we implement the outcome of the decisive referendum to leave.

Over the years since the referendum it has become ever more clear that we must leave. The EU clearly gained the upper hand in its negotiations with the ineffectual team led(?) by Theresa May and used that advantage to impose unacceptable conditions on our departure (not my judgement, Parliament rejected the deal three times). Any partnership which seeks to punish in this way partners wishing to quit, is clearly a partnership no sane actor would wish to remain a member of. Not only was the EU punitive in its approach, but having been instrumental in creating an unacceptable deal it refused repeatedly to discuss options to render the deal more palatable.  Obviously we must escape from this tyrant. Some thing the current leadership holds out some hope of achieving.

So it is my view that this note from the LibDems is wrong on very many points.

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Dear Adrian,
Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings’s use of prorogation yesterday to suspend parliament is clearly a way to railroad through a no-deal Brexit. This is a move that is designed to prevent any further debate on Brexit and is completely undemocratic! 
It is clear that crashing out of the EU via no-deal would be absolutely catastrophic for our country. The Liberal Democrats have been doing everything we can to Stop Brexit, and will continue to do so in the small window that has now been left by this Conservative Government and Johnson, our unelected Prime Minister.
If I were your MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, my name would be among the first on the Church House Declaration paper to stop the shutting down of Parliament, alongside all my fellow Liberal Democrat MPs, and I would be doing everything in my power to ensure that democracy is upheld and Brexit stopped.
It is clear that in the coming weeks further Brexit milestones will come, and it seems that a General Election is not far off. The Liberal Democrats will be fighting to elect more MPs, including here in Hornsey & Wood Green, so we can form a government, Stop Brexit, and stem the tide of populist politics to make the UK a progressive, forward looking, inclusive country once more.
These are absolutely crucial times for our country and for our democracy.  Please help us take action today by:

1. Signing the 'Do not prorogue Parliament' national petition.

2. Coming to one of the rallies/marches being organised in central London such as those this Saturday and next Tuesday.

3. Joining the Lib Dems or donate to our Snap General Election fighting fundand support our continued campaign to Stop Brexit.

4. Helping us get a Liberal Democrat MP elected here in Hornsey & Wood Green by pledging your support during a snap General Election.

The UK cannot be allowed to become a dictatorship ruled by such a right-wing Tory government. Let's demand better and do all we can to stop this and to defend democracy.
Best wishes
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Dawn Barnes
Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green | Haringey Liberal Democrats
P.S. A snap general election could be called at any time. Please donate to our general election fund today to help us get off to the best possible start:
Donate £10
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*Prospective Parliamentary Candidate(?)

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