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I'm sure I read recently of a proposed public meeting at Hornsey Town Hall (March 16th) to engage the public. I can now find no reference to it, but I have found a veritable avalanche of news releases on the Haringey website, which are open to interpretation. See below for details.

I fear any hope of the 16th March meeting being "telling" are misplaced. I have just had a quick trawl via Google to try and find more details for the meeting but have found no reference to it. The closest I can now find is "Residents will be invited to learn more about options for the building through a public event and exhibition at the Town Hall in early March." on an LBH / Hornsey Town Hall  web page. No suggestion that this will be a meeting, nor that the public will be able to influence the options in any way. (For a truly cynical view of what Haringey are wont to call "consultation" read this note by Alan Stanton, a Labour councillor). The LBH meetings calendar for March makes no mention of any such meeting.

As I recall the announcement of the meeting it was only ever to be a presentation of the "Options Appraisal" - a document which was produced at the same time as the "Gateway Review" - i.e. December 2013, and on which the council had already taken a decision before the "it's all gone pear shaped" assessment was published in July 2014. The Options Appraisal has been kept under wraps even longer - probably even more decisions have been taken, behind closed doors, in camera and entirely without public consultation.

Some more clues, from an absolute deluge (avalanche? / blitzkrieg?) of unannounced news bulletins published on Friday and Monday 23rd and 26th January:

23rd Jan Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust - judge for yourself what good talking to Walkley and Strickland might do. Where are the minutes? The current planning permission is a "baseline" - from which more planning permission can be granted?

LBH  26th Jan 2015 - ANA reiterated as one year only, plus news of the Chocolate Factory

LBH/ Creative Trust 26th Jan 2015 - vague optimism in the light of bad news, if you are visiting Haringey

LBH 23rd Jan 2015 - ANA is definitely interim, and difficulties in the way of using the town Hall

LBH 23rd Jan 2015 - 'FAQ' = questions we happen to know the answer to , but can answer sufficiently vaguely so as to hide what we actually mean, these are some of the questions - the naswers are on the LBH / HTH /FAQ / TLA page

Q. Is the council simply going to sell the Town Hall to a developer who will turn it into flats? 

Surely the answer to this question is "NO!!!!!" - but that's not what has been written on the FAQ page

Q. How can you be sure that there will be community benefits if the site is sold off?

"SOLD OFF!!" that's the sort of inflammatory nonsense Crouch End for People fomented - but here it is on a council information page

Q. What other options are being considered for the Town Hall?

Well that brings us to -

LBH / Soft Market Testing 23rd January 2015 - alternative options?????.

I hold out no hope at all for "community engagement" in early March. ANA are definitely goners in Jan next year.A popular uprising and sit in are perhaps the answer to Haringey's approach.

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Adrian, I am not holding my breath about this meeting either.  But it was clearly on the front page - bottom right hand corner last para - of Ham & High Broadway 29th Jan in the "Scuppered" article:  "The council will hold a public meeting and exhibition inviting alternative ideas on March 16." Written by Hannah McGrath who I doubt made this up.


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