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OpinioN8 has received the following information email

Dear Residents

The online parking permit and penalty charge payment services will be closed
down for nine days between 2 - 10 May to enable upgrading of the system.

Is your CPZ permit due?
Do you need visitor permits?

Important notice on Haringey's website.


You are welcome to pass this information onto friends and neighbours.



PS  To all IT experts, I have no idea why an upgrade is going to take so
long and am asking questions.  Haringey's response will be posted on my
website in due course.


Cllr Lyn Weber
Independent Councillor for Crouch End
(m) 07814 238 100
Tel: 0208 348 9796

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Replies to This Discussion

I have just received this email from Ann Cunningham Head of Traffic Management Single Frontline. How embarrassed must she be? The email came with the usual warning that I must not misuse it (unauthorised disclosure) which it gives me  a small pleasure to ignore

Notification of Haringey Parking Online Service Shutdown between 2 - 10 May 2012

Permits-Vouchers Permits-Vouchers@haringey.gov.uk
12:05 (4 hours ago)
to undisclosed recipients

Haringey Parking Online Service Shutdown 2 – 10 May

We are contacting you as someone who has contacted us by email in the last 12 months regarding a Parking matter.

We are upgrading our online parking system between 2 and 10 May 2012. This is being done to improve the range of services available to residents.

During this period you will not be able to use our online services to:

Renew or make a first application for a Resident Permit
Order Resident Visitor Permit Vouchers
Pay for a Penalty Charge Notice (although you can still pay via our automated telephone payment line by calling 0845 1300130)

We are taking extra steps to ensure that all resident permit renewals that are due before 10 May are completed before the system is shutdown on 2 May 2012.

There will be very limited opportunity to purchase any sort of permit at a Customer Service Centre during this period. Therefore please you renew your resident permit or order more visitor permits if you are running low well before 1 May 2012.

You can apply online by visiting 

Please also note that our staff will not be able to access the system to look at Penalty Notices or any other type of records and will not therefore be able to respond  to any enquiries made during this period. Any appeals submitted in the last 56 days will be transferred to our new system and will be responded to when our new system goes live.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this work.

If you have any queries regarding this email please contact us at:





Ann Cunningham

Head of Traffic Management

Single Frontline


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