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£5.8m for Crouch End - It's a big deal - Liveable? Loveable? Lavable?

Haringey's project to win the rest of the £5.8m for this project has begun, with a phase, somewhat bizarrely, labelled pre-engagement.

During this phase there will be engagement, in fact the rough timetable is set out below. 

And there is a project board:

A Project Board has been set up with Councillor Hearn [Stroud Green, Labour, Cabinet Member for Environment],  Ann Cunningham (Head of Operations) [Council Officer], Peter Boddy (Sustainable Transport Group Manager) [Council Officer], Councillor White [Bruce Grove,Labour] and Matthew Patterson (Head of Transport, Policy and Infrastructure Planning)  [Council Officer] as representatives. Representing, apparently , Labour and the London Borough of Haringey The first Project Board meeting took place on Tuesday 20th November, in advance of the pre-engagement commencing. 

For more details, check out the single page allocated to the project on the Project Centre website. 

Engagement activities 
To encourage feedback from the local community, the following methods of engagement are proposed to be carried out: 
  • Schools will be notified about the scheme from mid-November to give them plenty of time to arrange informal engagement activities and workshops with us throughout November 2018 to January 2019. 
  • An online web page and survey will become live on Monday 26 November. The interactive map will allow respondents to provide information and opinions in exact locations within the project area. Events will take place during the engagement period in Council owned buildings and public areas such as the Hornsey Town Hall [sic] and outside on the green, for anyone to attend and obtain further information or provide responses should they not be able to access the internet. The exact times/dates and locations are still being agreed. 
  • From Monday 26 November leaflets will be delivered to all 11,000 dwellings and posters will be put up in visible locations, such as Hornsey library. 
  • During the first two weeks in December liaison with key community groups and businesses will take place. There is an allowance for three meetings including evenings for this engagement. 
  • On Saturday 1st December, a stall will be manned at the Crouch End Christmas Festival to engage with attendees. 
  • On Monday 3 December and Monday 7 January email update reminders of the engagement survey will be sent out. 
  • In January 2019, engagement with businesses will occur, with the exception of Virgin Active who will be engaged with before January due to the expected increase in business in the new year.
  • Information stalls for people to speak face to face about the project will be set to occur during the engagement period. These will be two four-hour sessions, one on a weekday and one on a Saturday. One will be a post-work evening session to ensure this audience is engaged with. 
  • Throughout the pre-engagement period there will be ongoing monitoring of emails and a phone number response line to answer queries from respondents. 
  • Content for council communication channels such as social media, press, web and newsletters will also be provided and continually updated throughout this period. 
  • During the pre-engagement period, there will be two days of door knocking in key business locations within the borough as well as two business forum meetings. 
  • Key stakeholders will be engaged with throughout the pre-engagement period, and we will be using their mailing lists and social media channels to publicise engagement events. 
  • There are some additional events that tie in with the work, for example putting in place a temporary road closure or a pocket park. Temporary statements like this will generate interest and an opportunity to provide information and talk to residents, businesses and visitors. Dates for this are yet to be confirmed but there is an allowance of two four-hour days, one weekday and one Saturday. 
Following the end of the first phase of engagement a summary of the pre-engagement and findings will be published at the end of February 2019. 

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This is a very interesting document and reveals a lot about how the project will be managed and its ambitions.

The bullet pointed list looks like it has been lifted straight from a pitching document for the work. It says nothing about seldom heard groups and shys away from anything that might involve residents and businesses actually influencing the sceme or, heaven forbid, a programme of co-production involving traffic engineers, locally elected representatives, CENF, residents and businesses with mutual parity of esteem.

Hopefully, the declared objective " to encourage feedback" will be rethought and the value of a more open handed full on engagement process will be understood and implimented ... otherwise this will be seen a half-hearted, rubberstamping process for decisions already taken elsewhere.


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