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A planning application has been submitted in respect of Hornsey Town Hallto upgrade the exisitng mobile phone antennae to 4G.

In order to provide 4G locally, Vodoafone, O2 and Telefonica say "To meet this demand and improve the quality of service, additional base stations or upgrades to the equipment at an existing base station may be needed." There are already 3 antennae on the Town Hall Tower. The application goes on to say:

"Although the scheme deploys 3 antennas, these will be very discreetly located, designed and finished. 

The scheme is designed to provide the required improved coverage and capacity from this modest
The antennas will utilise the existing steelwork within the building, and will be placed within existing
openings. This reflects the existing antennas which are installed in the same fashion, and will ensure
that there is no external visual impact and no disturbance to the building."

Apparently none of us noticed when the original mobile phone masts were installed on Hornsey Town Hall in 2002. At that time the annual rental income was estimated at £10,000.

There have been occasions when we have noticed similar planning applications, e.g. 1 , B and 3

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am I alone in thinking that the mobile coverage in the End is rubbish?  the news that the Town Hall presently hosts 3 antennae makes me wonder what good they're doing, and inevitably what's the point of 4G when I can't even get decent 3G coverage?

The logo on my phone reads 'Virgin' the service for which I think is provided by T-mobile which in turn is now EE/Orange. It would be harsh to describe the service as 'rubbish' but it can be a bit patchy. None of the companies I've mentioned here is on the planning application (as far as I can tell)

The existing antennae seem quite discreet

My coverage - Virgin contract - is terrible in the End, drops calls frequently.  I'd ask the phone companies to get their 3G act together before foisting another supposed upgrade on the populace.

Yesterday I was on Panton Street in the west end and couldn't get a 3G signal.

It really is taking the mick to expect us all to blindly upgrade to the "new thing", when they haven't even got the old one working properly.

Agreed, the coverage is rubbish, and no, I don't think that's harsh at all. Then again I don't care much for people who pussyfoot around and refuses to call a spade a spade.
I'm on Orange (or EE / Every Excuse as here now knows as) and I can't make or receive calls at home. At all. My work phone is on O2 and that's always got a signal here so it's mainly EE and their 4G network. What seems to happen is that that 3G customers suffer when a network goes through with their 4G upgrade. As for the mast o the town hall, do I care? No. Is it going to help EE customers? No. So....

Oh, apparently my post above is a "conspiracy theory" according to the email update from the incredibly lame name of "Ivan Opinion" (seriously???). Do some research on this, and you will figure it out. Did you not see the EE piece on Watchdog last night? is that a conspiracy theory too? Do me a favor, cut the condescending c**p.

I'm sure there are many many Orange / T Mobile / EE customers in Crouch End who have lost signal over the past year. And that's not a theory. That's a fact. 

Calm down, dear, I'm a co-conspirator.


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