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I read the article about a 24 hour licence having been granted to Fresco (a convenience store newly re-opened by the roundabout at the junction of Tottenham Lane and Ferme Park Road) and my response was much the same as that of the author of this letter which appeared the following week.
If Mr Umut is afraid of the reactions of customers wishing to buy booze then surely the sensible option is to stop selling booze. Probably, on the face of it, this would prevent the store being economically viable, though perhaps some thinking 'outside the box' might bring alternative ideas. After all, the building housing the Music Palace nearby was built by the Salvation Army specifically for the purpose of promoting temperance.
If Mr Umut is in fear of the reactions of customers coming late at night, then perhaps he should review his opening hours - this was the reaction of nearby Somerfield (now the co-op) to a series of robberies. The store recently ceased all-night trading. An unfortunate restraint on trade - which surely could be taken up over the course of time with our Safer Neighbourhoods team.
The aggressive customers to whom Mr. Umut refers are quite possibly already drunk - drunkenness and violence are related - if so, the vendor certainly has a moral duty not to sell them any more booze. Publicans have a legal duty not to sell drink to drunks, possibly convenience store owners do too. Does the store's policy amount to appeasing drunks by selling them more drink, if so then it may already be in breach of its licensing terms.

There is also another thought - what opportunity were those living nearby given to comment on the license application before it was granted. The way things work, I fear, relatively little. If this had been a planning application the details would have been circulated to those living nearby. Licensing application appear only in summary on a page on the Haringey website . In order to know that such an application has been made we have to go and look for it, something which in this age of transparency (!), RSS feeds, push technology and mass emailing perhaps not many of us do any more. Someone should do something about it.

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