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Here is something we've commented on before - 20 mph speed limits - for a long time Haringey has been ignoring its own advisers and persisting with 30mph speed limits - something the Lib Dems said was 'daft'.

Well , not so daft any more, Haringey is asking 

Time for Twenty? and pretty soon you'll be able to respond to a consultation. It does seem very slow at times, doing just 20, but the statistics are overwhelming.

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I once thought that perhaps the speed limit for cars should be the speed of the slowest cycle on the road, so no car could ever overtake a cyclist. That was when I was a cyclist.

I tried driving at 20 mph from Muswell Hill to Turnpike Lane along Priory Lane one quiet Sunday morning. I found that the perceived speed was so slow that my attention was wandering to shopfronts and attractive young women pedestrians and I wasn't concentrating on my driving. A 20 mph limit on a good wide road may cause more accidents (albeit minor) than fewer.

Is there evidence that it is a benefit? I don't see very many people abiding by it.


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