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Sometime this month the government will be indexing our happiness levels.  Here are 20 practical actions that could lead to increasing your levels of happiness. 

Personally striving for contentment is a more reachable goal for me but these might just help:


1. Do kind things for others

2. Find three things to feel good about each day

3. Thank the people you are grateful to

4. Look for good in those around you

5. Bring mindfulness into your day (I practice this - it works!)

6. Find your strengths and focus on using them

7. Use positive parenting techniques

8. Volunteer your time, energy and skills

9. Help out a friend in need

10. Try out something new or different

11. Set your goals and make them happen

12. Get to know your neighbours better

13. Create a happier environment at work

14. Have tactics for the tough times

15. Enhance your relationship with your partner

16. Get outside and enjoy the natural world

17. Find a way to make exercise fun

18. Make sure you get enough sleep

19. Detox your negative thinking patterns

20. Get a good balance between work and life


Source: Action for Happiness



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