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Diane Abbott is not a candidate in Hornsey and Wood Green but in nearby Hackney. And a member of the shadow cabinet. And not completely on top of her brief 

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I'm still not instantly capable with the times-table, but Ms. Abbot makes me feel like a maths genius!

Her clip can also be heard on Sky, The Telegraph and Spectator as well as a post-car-crash-interview interview on BBC television, where Ms. Abbot is obliged to re-listen to her LBC interview.

I was surprised that such an experienced politician—aiming for the No.2 or No.3 position in Government—could be so at sea over the costing of a significant policy in her own Home Office brief.

As to the cost of 10,000 new police officers, her first answer—one of several and none of which was nearly-accurate—was £300,000. That would amount to a salary of £30.00 (thirty pounds). Another highlight was the brief suggestion that 250,000 extra police would be recruited.

One important point she failed to make, is that 10,000 extra police officers cannot be purchased off-the-shelf on day one; it takes time to recruit and train such a number (also, and I know it's quibbling, a quarter of 10,000 is 2,500, not 2,250).

Such ability with scale, arithmetic and relationships doesn't necessarily promote confidence in a would-be Home Secretary.


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